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Find answers to the questions asked most often when looking to purchase a mentoring service with The Writer's Journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Writer’s Journey?

Founded by Daniella May Little, The Writer's Journey is a unique small business offering writing services to writers and students. See the About page for more information on The Writer's Journey.

Who Will Be My Mentor, And What Do They Do?

Daniella May Little is the sole Mentor for The Writer's Journey. Daniella's role as a Mentor is to share her knowledge and guide other writers and students on their journey's. This role includes; giving Critical Feedback, Proofreading, Copy-Editing and remote video Mentoring Sessions. Please see our Services page for more information on the Critique and Mentoring packages that we offer.

What Is Included In The Critique And Mentoring Packages?

There are several packages to choose from on the Services page. Each package provides a Critique, Proofreading, Copy-Editing, and a Complimentary 30-Minuet Mentoring Session. See Below for more information on each of these services.

What Is Included In A Critique?

Your writing will be critically evaluated in detail. Some examples of the subjects that may be covered, if appropriate, are as follows; You will be given feedback on characters, dialogue, point of view, narrative voice, setting, ideas, structure, plot, language, style, genre, reader engagement. In addition, an overall impression of your work will be written as a summary, highlighting further points to potentially be analysed and discussed in your follow-up Complimentary 30-Minuet Mentoring Session.

What Is Included In A Proofreading?

Your writing will be carefully checked for grammatical errors in the text, fixing minor spelling mistakes, punctuation, formatting issues, typos and general inconsistencies throughout the text.

What Is Included In Copy-Editing?

Your writing will be analysed for readability and factual errors if relevant. Tracked changes will be made to improve the formatting of your writing. You can read more about this on our Tips page, where writing to a professional standard is outlined in detail.

What Is A Complimentary 30-Minuet Mentoring Session?

The Complimentary 30-Minuet Mentoring Session, is offered to determine if we're the right fit to work together, facilitating a discussion around feedback on the critique of up to 300 words you received. You will be offered a sample of the professional guidance The Writer’s Journey offers throughout the Critique and Mentoring Packages. This session can be carried out via video call or via a phone call. offer a free consultation to determine if we're the right fit to work together and to ascertain what package is right for you based on your needs.

What Is The Turnaround Time For Each Package?

The Turnaround time is mainly dependant on which package you choose. For the Mini critique of up to 2,500 words from a manuscript, we aim to achieve a turnaround time of up to 1 week. For the Medium critique of up to 10,000 words from a manuscript, we aim to achieve a turnaround time of up to 2 weeks. For the Large critique of up to 50,000 words from a manuscript, we aim to achieve a turnaround time of up to 6 weeks. And for the Giant critique of up to 150,000 words from a manuscript, we aim to achieve a turnaround time of up to 16 weeks. Please note, this will be discussed with you in more detail when enquiries are made into purchasing a package, ensuring that both you and the Mentor agree with your manuscript turnaround time. In addition, you will receive regular progress updates if the turnaround time is projected to be more than a week.

How Many Sessions Of The 1-1 Bespoke Mentoring Can I Book At A Time?

You may book as little or as many sessions as you need. Suppose you purchase a Critique and Mentoring Service before purchasing a 1-1 Bespoke Mentoring Session; in this case, we will discuss your personal needs for further support. If appropriate, 1-1 Bespoke Mentoring Sessions maybe recommended. Please note, you will not be obliged to make any decisions that you are not comfortable making. This will solely be a recommendation based on the evaluation of your work.

Can I book 1-1 Bespoke Mentoring Session(s) Without Buying A Critique And Mentoring Service Package First?

Yes. Suppose the first service you purchase is a 1-1 Bespoke Mentoring Session. In that case, we will set aside time before your session(s) to agree on a plan of action and book dates and times suitable for both yourself and the Mentor. You can find out more about this process and what is included on the Services page.

How Do I Send You My Manuscript?

Suppose it has been discussed in certain circumstances. In that case, if it is more appropriate to send manuscripts via post, a postal address will be sent to you privately. Otherwise, please email manuscripts to The Writers Journey email:

How Do I Format My Writing?

For advice on Formatting writing, read these Essential Tips on how to format your manuscript professionally.

Do I Have To Format My Writing Before Submitting It To The Writers Journey?

No, you do not need to format your writing before sending it, whether for a consultation or after purchasing a package. However, trying to adhere to the basic guidelines will get you into good practice to present your work professionally. We will try our best to format your manuscript professionally before returning it to you. Please note, if this will create unforeseen errors on carefully laid out chapters/paragraphs/sections, or if you specifically ask us not to, we will abstain.

If I Want To Work With You, What Happens Next?

Get in touch to receive a critique of up to 300 words for FREE! Once your writing is returned to you, we can discuss your needs. Of course, you are welcome to get in touch right away without taking up the offer of a free critique. At this point, you can let us know if you would like to purchase a service. If you go ahead at this time, an invoice will be drawn up and sent to you. Shortly after this, we will decide on a plan of action appropriate to the service you have purchased, and work will begin.

Where Can I Find The Terms And Conditions?

The Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cancellation and Refunds Policy can all be found as links at the bottom of every page on The Writer's Journey website. You may also Download a PDF version of each document from their respective pages.

How Can I Be Assured My Personal Information And Writing Is Safe?

When you read through our Terms and Conditions, you will see the amount of care we have put into assuring your personal information and writing will remain safe and confidential. For your reassurances, you may ask to see my up to date Disclosure and Barring Certificate. You may request to see this in writing at any time when we are working together.

How Can I Contact The Writer's Journey?

If you have any further queries or questions. Please don't hesitate to contact The Writer's Journey. There are several ways to do this. You can message us directly through the Contact page on The Writers Journey Website. Also, You can send an Email; Phone or WhatsApp us; and message us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find this information at the bottom of every page on The Writer's Journey, directly linking to the contact choices above.